Save Me, San Francisco (Part 1)

We dropped the dog and kids with my mom, packed up the car and headed out.  We drove about 30 minutes south and then stopped for dinner before it got too late.

With a full belly of yummy mexican food, I kicked off my shoes, pulled my feet into the seat and settled in for our 2 hr drive.

I had my iphone set to shuffle and I was singing along as usual, when the words suddenly hit me.  “Hey!” I exclaimed, “How awesome is that?!” as I pointed to the dash.

IMG_7946Pretty fitting, considering we were about to hop on a plane to that very place!


We’ve taken plenty of trips as a family, individually, trips with one kid/one parent (hello France!), but it’s been 7 long years since the hubby and I took a real trip without the kids.  The last one was to Hawaii in 2005!

I have been dying to go to San Francisco for years.  I wanted to fit it into our Cali trip we took a few years ago, but it didn’t happen.  Needless to say, I was pretty stoked to be checking it off my bucket list.  We picked a super rad hotel called Hotel Zetta for our stay.  It’s only been open about a year and from what I read online, it sounded right up our alley.  (*check out my review at the end)  These shots are a little glimpse of what it was like inside…

2014-06-18_0005I’m kicking myself, because I didn’t get many shots of our actual room.  It was small, but very modern and nice with wood flooring and modern/minimalistic furniture (actually it looked pretty close to this one, but arranged differently).  The hotel had a meeting area downstairs in the lobby with a huge couch to lounge on, some tables & chairs and a full service bar.  There was also a huge game room on the second level that had shuffle board, a pool table, a large plinko game and plenty of other games to entertain you!

I wasn’t too excited about the weather being chilly, but I finally understood how all the fashion bloggers wear all those cute layers of clothing 365 days a year!  I bought this utility jacket and some TOMS booties in preparation for our trip and I can honestly say they were the PERFECT purchases!  Pretty much my San Fran uniform.

2014-06-18_0003I also bought the above scarf from lululemon before the trip.  (funny story – Eric didn’t really pay attention to what I bought until I was actually wearing it and after he saw the different ways I was using it, he started calling it a “thneed“. You know, from the movie, The Lorax. Now the stupid name has stuck though and I keep calling it a thneed! lol)  I probably used this thing at least half of the trip and it especially came in handy the last night we were in town when I went out to make a City Target run and grab dessert at 9pm.  Brrrrrr!  It was also particularly useful on the plane!


Of course, the Golden Gate Bridge was one of my must-do’s for the trip.  We took photos on three different days because it looked different each day (thank you fog) and from several different viewpoints.


So many pictures of the same bridge.  You’d think this was it, but no…there’s more…

But, you’re going to have to wait until the next post!

**Hotel Zetta Review – Where oh where to start?!  I already told you about the awesome game room and lounge area downstairs.  Our room itself was on the small side, but that’s to be expected in the middle of the city! We didn’t have a problem with the size at all. Being that the hotel is sandwiched between two other buildings, if you’re looking for a scenic view, this isn’t the hotel for you.  I, personally, quite liked the close buildings.  It reminded me of NY or something.  I don’t know.  It felt cozy.  We did have to be careful when and if we chose to open the blinds though.  😉  The whole hotel is modern/minimalistic in it’s design and interior decor…which we loved!  Our room had a king bed with a large wood/leather headboard, two small side tables, a minimalistic desk area with a stocked  fridge (so don’t plan on using it for leftovers!), a tv on a small minimalistic tv stand, a modern sitting chair and wood flooring throughout.  The bathroom was gorgeous!  No tub, only a glassed in shower.  As far as the service, I don’t have many complaints.  The one thing I read over and over again was that the staff was very friendly and helpful and I would definitely agree with that.  The only thing that was a little “eh” was that I was expecting our room to have been cleaned/replenished by 2pm when we returned back the first day, but she was just getting to our room.  They offer a small incentive if you choose to forego the daily maid service, but we had a couple of things that we wanted them to take care of.  I would probably say the only real “con” to the hotel would be the parking.  They don’t have their own lot you can self park (although there are a couple close, but they aren’t much cheaper and they aren’t really meant for taking your car in/out daily) and to valet it’s a whopping $50 a day!  Ouch.  On the plus side, it was super nice to just call down to the front desk when we were getting ready to leave and have our car waiting for us outside!  I loved the location of the hotel and even though we had a car, there were plenty of places nearby to walk to.  Some of my favorites were Blue Bottle Coffee, Dottie’s, zpizza, Peet’s coffee, City Target…not to mention all kinds of other restaurants, it’s literally RIGHT next door to the Westfield Centre shopping mall, and there is a cable car stop only a block and a half away!  This hotel isn’t for everyone, but I’d definitely recommend it if you don’t mind the few things I mentioned.